Cyro Chipp Poklad Orlicka

"U" - Versatile dog

10 years, stud dog of bright gold colour

6 years
6 years

Main datas:

Date of birth: 15. 4. 2010
Father: Fiddle De Dee Morris Travelee
Mother: Impulsive Mary Is Friendli
Breeder: Jaroslava Stará
Owner: Barbora Břízová
ED: 0/0
Hearth: negative
Teeth: completed teeth, sissor bite
Origin: link on family tree on K9 data (Czech republic)

Show results:

Young class: V4, VD4

Intermediate class: VD

Open class: VD

Work class: V3, V4 2x, V

Working results:
    • Hunting ability test, Prosečné, 28. 10. 2011 - prospěl
    • Watter field trial, Ledce, 25. 8. 2013 - I. cena Res. CACT
    • Canisterapeutic exams, Pecka, 31. 8. 2013 - prospěl
    • V. East Bohemia derby,Bříšťany, 2. - 3. 8. 2014
    • St. Wenceslas Cup, Houšťka 27. - 28. 9. 2014
    • Versatility test bringing retrievers, President cup RK, 9. - 10. 7. 2016


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