About us

My name is Barbora Břízová and I am accompanied by retrievers, without whom I can not imagine my life anymore. The first golden retriever was in my life at the age of three. Parents brought from Třeboň a beautiful golden ball in a wicker basket. He got the name of Barry, although the Pegas z Vlčí stepi was in the pedigree. He's been with us for sixteen years. When he was twelve we got into the family of the other partner. This time we did not go far. We brought Cyro from Ústí nad Orlicí from the Poklad Orlicka breeding station. When Barry left us, we did not want Cyra to leave alone for long. In 2014, we went beyond the borders of Normandy to Met from Cheek to Cheek, owned by Mrs. Marie-Alpais del Moral. In 2019, I ventured to a different breed a Alpine Dachsbracke, attracted me work bloodhounds and generally try to train another breed than a golden retriever. We brought the dog Gary from the kennel z Bolechů vršku.

Currently I am actively engaged in hunting in our local association MS Dubina / Zálší, hunting training and occasionally we go to an exhibition. Now a little about my golden companions.

The firstone is the Cyro Chipp Poklad OrlickaCyro Chipp Poklad Orlicka "U", thanks to which I got to exhibitions, trials and last but not least hunting. Together we have managed several exhibitions, whether regional, club or international. But we mostly learned it on the test field, where we went through the basic OVVR through SVP, PZ, LZ and in 2016 we passed the last versatile exams. Cyro is actively used with regard to its hunting practice, especially in our country in the association of ducks, in the autumn in pheasants and small hunts in hunting associations. Cyro is a renowned duck expert, working tirelessly, and no duck in front of him has a chance. However, he is clearly bored with shows, so he only went to the Retriever Club Show once a year. Now, however, he is beginning to enjoy a dog's pension and has started going to rehabilitation regularly.

The second one is CH, JCH Cheek to Cheek Jack The Bear "U", which we call home Met. With Met we went on the show and test track. The show is a huge success. He really enjoys it, when the last circle runs and he applauds the applause, looks very important, and he really enjoys it. Our greatest success so far is BOB and Victory at the Special Club Show in Humpolec in 2017. Another success is from the February 2018 show, where we were nominated for Crufts 2019. On the test field, we have OVVR, PZ, SVP, LZ and in 2018 we also managed to successfully pass all-round exams. Thanks to them, Met got "U" after his name. For several seasons, Met has been visiting duck hunts, pheasant hunts in Konopiště and hunts for small game (duck, pheasant, hare), where he works excellent. Sometimes, however, he still has his head and thinks that his variant is better than mine. This year, the eleventh offspring was born after Met and 84 little Meťáčeks are running on our beautiful Earth. After some, we already have health results and I am absolutely thrilled with how well they are doing. More in the litters section on our website.

The third one is Garet z Bolechů vršku, whom no one at home calls anything but Gary, Garymil or Garoš. Our Gary is a great partner for our two blondes. In the forest, he works perfectly for his age, sometimes as an old greaser. Last year, we honestly threw ourselves into preparing for the first BZH exams, which we won and won the CACT title. In the autumn, we entered the first hunting season, which went great. Gary does not deny hunting instincts in himself, and he is a true hunter of black game, which he can find, report, and work on the follow-up is no stranger to him. If all goes well this year, we would like to pass higher club tests of hounds in our area in Slavíkov near Litomyšl.

If we have any question please contact us.

Barbora Břízová

30. 6. 2021