Club forest trials, Prague Divoká Šárka 27. 5. 2017


On Saturday we went to Prague with Metem and Eliška. The opening began at the edge of a nature reserve. Twenty-two dogs were enrolled in the trials, of which two were Spanish springer. We have voted number 8. We have put it in the second group and there in the last place. We started at No. 2 with Judges Kršková and Mach. The first discipline was to bring dragged furry. I was so lazy about it because there were the same tourists there. I put Meta on the track and the beginning went beautifully, then suddenly started to run from the left to the right and I knew there was something wrong ... I beat up and put it on The second time. Actually, I did not even know how it would react to it, because I had never had to put it on a siding twice ... Luckily, it came out and brought it. Unfortunately, we were rated with a mark of 2, which has just moved us to II. prices. There followed a discipline of searching and bringing furry game, where there was no problem anymore, and the piece was brought to me in less than a minute and the last post was postponed ... I left Meta for free and I went to the judge. It's always the longest 5 minutes in the life of the leader. Experienced Met, however, did not move and we got 4. He followed a move to the next station where we were waiting for work in front of the paint and the very color I was most afraid of. We trained her only twice, and for the third time she saw her on the exam. It was a little awkward how it goes ... We started following, where we got 3, because it was a little bit prevented from me ... Well, we went to the color .. The start went great and then suddenly he started to go with a high nose. I knew he did not go after the color and met. I told you we met. I dropped Meta and went to see the color. I put it on and we went on. The route was in a steep hill and I was glad when we came out ... But suddenly Met started to go again with a high nose. Again, we announced that we had come and went to find a glimpse of the trail. But we were already at the finish line and there were a few more steps left to do a good deal of creeping game. We were gratefully praised for the good work of the dog and the leader and we got a mark of 3 because we did not go on a fully developed barvary belt. (I'll have to shorten it because it's 10m long). There was a longer moment of deserved rest.

Eliška and Metem while waiting for the others to fall asleep ...
Eliška and Metem while waiting for the others to fall asleep ...

After the rest of the day, we went to the last habit of searching and walking at the foot. Met worked beautifully and so for both disciplines he received a beautiful 4. He was waiting for us the last discipline and the calm on the site ... We went back to the middle of the forest and created spacing. I did not want to risk anything, so we'd rather let Meta get stuck. It's been quiet for the whole time, so we got the 3rd mark (it's automatically dropping due to a tie)

Met completed his first forest test in the beautiful II. Price. I am very happy about it. Mainly from blood :-)

Cheek to Cheek Jack the Bear - II. price 230 points