Ducks 2019


As every year in the home hunting association MS Dubina - Zálší hold two duck hunts. This year we had all four premieres because we split up. Ondra take Cyro for both hunts and I only went with Met. I must say I was a little afraid of it. In the end, it turned out quite unnecessarily. The guys did it great. On each hunt they went to a place with deeper water so that Cyro would not have a difficult terrain due to the joints. Met and I always introduced the shooters on our line and waited. I have to say that Met has improved enormously since last year. He stayed with me and watched the surroundings. On both hunts came friends and on the other even friend Zuzka with Nika and Jakub with Abbie. Both bitches were praised for their beautiful wear and I am glad that our dogs enjoyed us properly. I am already looking forward to next year. I attach a short photo documentation of the hunt.

I can not but mention that for the first time Cyro and Ondra released alone. The boys went on a duck hunt to West Bohemia. They reported all day and enjoyed the video and photos together. They are starting to be well-coordinated :-) A few pictures from the boys trip below.