Hunt season 2020


This year was a little weird for hunting black game. Everything was affected by the situation with COVID, so our full autumn began to empty in the calendar. The first invitation then came from Jarda on 21 November to Divišov. It was our premiere with Gary. I haven't been under pressure for a long time either, but in the end it was a successful event. Gary ran some 26 km

This time we received the second invitation to Kuba in Bukovina nad Labem for a change. This time we set off only three of me, Ondra and Met. I must say that working in the reeds was hard, but the reward in the form of warm game was great. Met brought both a pheasant and a hare. The whole day was very successful and I was excited about Meta's work. In addition, I could see Met's daughter Ama Chessy Golden from Bukovinský vršek working, which Kuba left at home from the first litter in his kennel.

As every year, I went to Konopiště with the boys, this year, thanks to the covid time, I managed to go only twice. We set off for the first time with Cyril and at the beginning of December also with Mete, so that I could take better care of everyone by riding them individually. The boys worked great and most of all they enjoy it a lot. The first one is always demanding on the psyche and peace, but the results are always worth it.

Gary's second chase went black with Ondra near Koclířov at the beginning of December. About 10 brackish people gathered on the chase and Gary was praised for his work.

Towards the end of the year, there were suddenly more and more invitations to chases, and we didn't know where to go first. A clear choice was to chase black and harmful in Ondra's home association in MS Sulkovec. This time I went to the start and Ondra and Gary went to the bar.

The chase of the STROM Prague company near Křivoklát was an absolutely amazing experience for me. Gary and I walked clouds of miles and saw a lot of game from deer to pigs. It was fantastic, the nature snow and a great bunch in the lure. Ondra stayed on the post this time. I hope we will look at this chase next year as well.