May puppies in Touškov


In May we waited impatiently for news from kennel Brooks`s Angel. Amazing news from the Antoš of Touškova came on May 15, when six boys and two dog girls were born. Met became the father of these eight men. Beautiful puppies with amazing fur were born after Meto. Mother is amazing female Danaé Flores Vitae or Berry, who lives in Broock`s Angel kennel.

Puppies grew beautiful and got great character. I had the honor of coming to see them twice. Once I took with me a visit to Meta to look at his offspring, too, and I must say that he was not too cooked.

Most of all, I loved Eda, or Mr. Brown. He has a beautiful honey coat and wore a brown ribbon in his native homeland. Everyone got amazing names starting with E:

    • Erwin Broock`s Ange
    • Ethan Broock`s Angel
    • Ewan Broock`s Angel
    • Edward Broock`s Angel
    • Elizabeth Grace Broock`s Angel
    • Elroy Broock`s Angel
    • Elaine Greta Broock`s Angel
    • Eric Broock`s Angel

Miss, who wore a purple ribbon stayed home with her mother Berca and Aunt Broock. When I had the opportunity to see her for the first time from the photos, I saw the whole Met in her expression when he was little and we took him from Marie. She's amazing and I'm looking forward to growing up.

Pedigree of litter:

Some information about Berrče:

  • HD: 1/1
  • ED: 0/0
  • OCD clear

Below is an amazing photo of attitudes, which were taken in the kennel and at the end of the gallery a few pictures, when puppies had clove deer and blanket. Their reaction was fantastic. The talents of golden retrievers will not be denied. :-)