Met is father for the third time


To Met on the third mating arrived Miss Týnka (Walentine od Tří jasanů) in January this year also from the mountains. At home, she is at the breeding station Od Jelení stopy to Hnízdil's spouses.

Yesterday, March 30th came a great message Meto & Walentina was born beautiful eight puppies - 4 females and 4 dogs. We wish the puppies a lot of health in the next few days and we look forward to seeing them.

The litter pedigree can be found on K9 data HERE.

Týnka and her puppies
Týnka and her puppies

Some information about Walentine:

  • born: 19.03.2016
  • health: DKK - 0/0, DLK - 0/0
  • exams: OVVR - benefited
  • father: Woodstar Iceman
  • mother: Jessie Bri-Col Black and White
Týnka at the National Exhibition in Mladá Boleslav
Týnka at the National Exhibition in Mladá Boleslav

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact Mrs. Jana Hnízdilová kennel Od Jelení stopy on the website, by mail or by phone +420 721 556 524 and +420 721 423 065 .