New information about Met´s litters


Gradually, I get amazing news about Met's offspring. The last one came yesterday from the kennel Od Tři jasanů. Female Zori Eli od Tří jasanů (Cheek to Cheek Jack the Bear & Beatrice Mon Mignon) successfully passed AUTUMN TESTS under OMS Benesov in I. price. I am very happy about it and congratulate the owners of the female.

Other results of litters come gradually and I can not but boast. Both exams, exhibitions and health results are excellent.

So far we have information about these individuals:

  • Zack Od Tří jasanů
  • HD 0/0; ED 0/0
  • Hunting ability test
  • Zapp Od Tří jasanů
  • HD 0/0; ED 0/0
  • Hunting ability test, Water field trial
  • 2x Excellent 4 (on club show)
  • Zori Eli Od Tří jasanů
  • Hunting ability test, Autumn field trial I. price
  • 2x excellent (on club show)
  • Artemis z Pirátských ostrovů
  • HD 0/0; ED 0/0
  • Dancing Queen Canis Regnum
  • 3x very promising 1., very promising  3
  • Hunting ability test
  • Double Cross Canis Regnum
  • 2x very promising 1., 2x very promising 2
  • Bellinda Magic Dandelion
  • very promising 4

More can be found on the litters website HERE.