Pheasantry 2019


On Friday, we and Metem set off on the last hunt for the 2018 season and Konopiště. The whole day brought pheasants only 4 dogs and more we enjoyed with Metem. It was but where he brought only one pheasant and vice versa, where he brought them more than enough. He spent the day off to his feet and so we did a bit of a walk. Even in the frost that was on Friday, Met decided to take a light bath in the creek, but I took a towel at home, and I could dry it and take off the reflective vest. In the penultimate morning, he used the night with a nice night and was faster than a flet. In the last lecture, however, he set out behind the foil that flew into the forest. The pheasant settled down on the spruce and did not intend to fly. Met for the first time in the jellyfish under the tree until we plowed the pheasant to the ground.

It was a great day when he finally came out:

  • 2 kings
  • 96 cocks
  • 93 hens
  • 18 orebic