St. Wenceslas Cup, Houšťka 28. 9. - 29. 9. 2019


On Saturday, Met and I went to the 10th St. Wenceslas Retriever Cup in Houšťka. On arrival I was delighted to see a lot of friends. There was a draw and I pulled out the bag with the number 10, because only eighteen dogs enter. We are now in the second group. Forest tests have come to us, namely a small forest. So we moved to the hunting lodge after the start, where we were the first discipline to start searching for which we received praise. Met beautifully searched in the field, so he received grade 4. Another discipline was postponement, which we managed the left rear and also got grade 4. We continued to find and bring furry game, where we just had it. Finally Met brought the piece 4 minutes ago, so we got the mark 4. Last morning discipline was siding furry. I never thought we would have a problem with this discipline. I put the meta on the track and released it. Already in the middle he stopped at the pew of the pine and did not go any further. It looked like there was an invisible wall. Meta I had to deploy a total of three times, and we got to mark 2. According to the judge, there could be crossed pigs and Met of them had respect. I am glad that he finally overcame the barrier and brought the hare. After lunch we drove to a large forest, which we eventually went last. Before the paint we cut a beautiful showgirl, from which we got for 4. We were a little worried about the paint, but what Met showed after a hard day hat in front of him down. As luxuriously as I went, I did not experience it. Slowly thoughtfully, all the time with his nose at the ground. Along the way he checked only the roe deer and led me to a piece of roe deer, where we were happy to announce to the referees that we had a successful reed-up of hoofed game. We got praise and grades 4. We made a walk, which was without a problem for 4 and we had a final discipline. Behavior in the woods in the woods we settled without the slightest hassle and off. Met completed the first part of the St. Wenceslas Cup.

Jack the Bear - Club Forest Exams: II. price, 258 points (limit mark from towed furry 2)

On Sunday morning we set out from the amazing accommodation in Stara Boleslav for the morning arrival. We started as a second group in the autumn exams. The first discipline was to find and bring feathered, on which the first dog fell out and the other two before us also had something to do. The terrain was amazing only because of the wind it was a challenge for the starters. Met managed to find the pheasant at 5:56 and we entered mark 3. Followed by a retrieve in the field, which went smoothly with mark 4. We moved to the side meadow, where we worked out a beautiful siding with feathered game also for 4. This our morning block was over and we moved on to the second referees. The first discipline was a search that was worth nothing. At noon on the second exam day, Met was tired and didn't want to run too much. We got the mark 2, which immediately dropped us into the second prize. Followed by walking at the foot, where there was nothing to solve and we got the 4th penultimate discipline was a siding with furry game. Thanks to the Met wind, the last hook came down, but the piece brought. Therefore, we got the mark 3. After a short move we had the final discipline of bringing the duck from deep water. After we go hunting regularly, I would not expect any problem. However, this occurred at the first command, when the duck hit the water and Met stopped at the water surface and looked at it. After a while he broke up and went under the shore, according to the referee, looking for a wing. After a few summons, I pointed it at the duck and brought it to me. Due to several commands we got mark 1.

Jack the Bear - Club autumn exams: III. price, 200 points (limit mark from duck from deep water 1)

Even so, I am incredibly proud of him. He completed both days of the St. Wenceslas Cup. He showed me a sample color, and most importantly you can see that in a year he has grown tremendously and becomes an experienced dog just like Cyro. For this year we have already selected and we are only waiting for common petty hunts. I would also like to mention our amazing exam group, which was very nice. After a long time I was on rehearsals where no one calculated the position and was not envious of others. I am very happy for this and I hope that there will be more such tests. Once again, congratulations to our whole team that passed the test.

Cynology luck!