Hunting trial "Cup of Hunting World 2017" 5. - 6. 8. 2017


At the weekend we went with Met to Kosicky. I had a little worry about it because he did not practice the one month because of my illness. Saturday began with Autumn Exams. We were assigned one judge and one competitor. We could go. Already after nine o'clock the temperature had risen steadily and I dared to keep up to 30 ° C. We ran number 15 and went to group three. Search began. Met worked perfectly, in my opinion. Without any unnecessary commands, he was overwhelmed by space and occasionally checking to see if I kept going with him. Unfortunately, the judges for his performance had a different opinion and got 2. Met already had a bit of smell and the discipline worked out as a demonstration. Other sights were waiting for us ... The first one was feathered. Applying great and suddenly Met fell on his back and began to roll in something. I just watched and did not even understand ... Suddenly, he stood up and turned on me. According to the words of the judges, he did not come and at the end of the game he took great luck and ran with her to me. Well, he did not pull out any such piece of hair anymore and made it as he had. The last diciplin on our field was marking. Met was waiting for it, and when it came to my command and ran straight to the piece, unfortunately the smells were stronger and made a small wheel than the pheasant took. So we got 3 for the hesitation. We moved to the water where we could wet them. It was a great cooling for him. We started walking at the foot where there was no problem, followed by a duck from deep water, which was also great. This Met has mastered the Autumn Exams in Kosice II. Price. (Search stamp limit)

Cheek to Cheek Jack the Bear - PZ 218 b., II. Price (search stamp limit)