We have a new member Gary


I have been looking for another breed for some time, which would help us in hunting wild boar game. I started to think about it again after talking to my friend Milan at the St. Wenceslas Cup. I started to look for information about the breed Alpenländische Dachsbracke which I liked the most. I looked at the club's website where they had information about litters. At the end of October, Ondra and I went to a relaxing weekend in Moravia. On the way, however, we stopped at the looking at the Dovalovsky family, who just had puppies to buy. Well, I must say that the long autumn weekend was in his spare time in discussions whether the puppy on the way home return or not. Each of us was intrigued by a different dog, and when we decided to take the trash, the agreement sounded clear. The first to come goes with us house. After opening the gate our first Garet z Bolechů vršku. Ondra finally admitted at home that he already liked the first visit.

We would like to welcome Gary or Garet z Bolechů vršku, who will go hunting with us. Below is a photo from his kennel and some photos from one of the first walks in my home.