Working tests Chrudim 24. 3. 2019


Yes, it will. On Sunday, Met and I attended our first WT organised by KCHLS. I was a little worried about it, I had no idea what to expect and all. In the end, all my fears were useless. We spent a great day with Met, in an amazing hunting area and as a bonus with amazing new people working in this area. We entered class E or Puppy number 15. The whole day judged absolutely charismatic judges from England Mr. John Birkett (in charge of discipline T1 & T2) and Mr. Robert Worrall (judged disciplines T3 & T4). We started with a group of L class because there were a lot of E-classes. The first judge was Mr. Birkett, who thought about the first discipline: walking at the foot, when you put the dog on the way, the leader goes on and stops, then the dummy is thrown in the meadow on the right hand with the shot, the leader returns to the dog and sends him . I was afraid of leaving Met alone. I had no idea how he would react if he didn't. He waited for me to return and I could send him forward with words. I whistled him to find him, and by the time we could recover, Met was back with the dummy. :-) The second discipline was that we went, while walking in front of us dummy was thrown with a shot, we turned to stop and was dumped again. Once again we turned to the first dummy and I sent Meta. Memory has excellent and discipline swept to the first good. Only I spoiled him at the second dummy because I thought he was running. Even so, we had the first part over and I felt very good about it. There was a pause.

The second part of Mr. Worrall was interesting for us. It was halfway to the thrower. The thrower threw a dummy in front of him, I let Meta turn my back on the dummy in the middle, and I went back to the judges at the beginning. The aim was to send him over the dummy. I had to give him a few more commands, but in the end we did it successfully. The last discipline was a classic retriever, one long distance through a small valley and the other in the middle. Sneaky was in the complexity of the terrain, but Met got the full score and did an excellent job. Due to the announcement of the results until around 6 pm we went to visit Choceň. We relaxed a little warm and on the couch and we could go back to Kočí at Chrudim. The announcement took place under the spotlight in the evening. We got amazing news that Met and I got on beautiful 8th place (18 dogs started) with 65/80 very good points (T1 - 16, T2 - 13, T3 - 20, T4 - 16). I have a huge and I believe it was not our last tests of this type :-)

Cheek to Cheek Jack the Bear - WT Class E, 65 pts, very good