Cyro's birthday and visit in Bukovina nad Labem on April 26, 2019


On Monday April 15th our Cyro celebrated his ninth birthday. This year began the second year, when the shows are in the veteran class. He got sausages, a knot, and his favorite Ikea piggy. We wish him all the best, lots of walks, endless hunt and especially health. I hope you can run with us for a long time.

On Thursday 26th April we went a little way to Pardubice. In Bukovina nad Labem live puppies from kennel z Bukovinského vršku. They all have an amazing fur colored from light gold to mahogany. Just like their mother Abbie Golden Elianne. We caught them just full of energy so they raged with us over half an hour. I was astonished to admire Miss Orange, who is very loud in her speech and also a good carrier since I was a kid. Other siblings also wore various toys and were not ashamed. Among the boys I was most interested in Mr. Green, who is the most powerful and wavy hair like his grandfather Manolo (Cheek to Cheek Florentino). I think if my mom could, we just went with him. The visit was amazing and I am glad that I had the opportunity to see the little devils. Below are some photos.

PS: If you are looking for a puppy, so in this kennel have some free. For more info call Mr. Jakub Urbance at +420 606 315 168 or Mrs. Petra Urbancová at +420 739 202 635.