Season 2019 in Konopiště pheasantry


This year we went to the pheasantry three times. This year's first premiere was our oldest Cyro, who was absolutely thrilled. It is unbelievable how much enthusiasm he has in the pheasant hunt, even though he is already unreal 9 years. We went to Konopiště where we enjoyed a nice warm November day in Konopiště's most difficult terrain. Cyro rested for a few days, but he had the best of all.

The second Konopiště we set out for the first time in the lineup of me, Ondra and Cyro with Met. At the beginning we divided the boys just like we went to ducks all autumn. Cyro went with Ondra. I must say that lighter terrains are perhaps not in the pheasantry. It was a nice cool December day when the boys worked amazingly and Met did not forgive the bath while bringing the already extinguished hen on the water. The excursion took place on a beautiful hill, when we had Konopišt Castle in the background.

We went on the last visit of the pheasantry with Met. After the first treatment, he had a little adrenaline and walked luxuriously. He knows it is not worth running far and it pays to wear pheasants from shooters. Beautifully copes with the winged pheasants and so I must say that it is a real smash.

I am glad that we went to the pheasantry in full number this year and I hope that we will be looking forward to some nice hunt again in a year.